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Trusted Contract CSSD Solutions


Sterikaam expertises in quality compliance and risk management, which we achieve through investments in high-end equipment and a team of highly skilled experts in sterilization and infection control.

Why Outsource

Why Outsource to Sterikaam?

Sterikaam hospital bed

Premium space

The CSSD at your hospital is usually near the operating rooms. CSSD is one of the most expensive areas of any hospital in terms of cost per square foot. Sterikaam's outsourcing allows hospitals to convert cost centers into revenue-generating possibilities such as theaters or treatment rooms.

Economic benefit

a) Equipment/Instrument cost: - Repair and maintenance cost of surgical instruments. - Upgrading equipment requires a significant financial investment. - Condemnation cost of surgical instruments due to rusting and poor maintenance.

b) Infrastructure cost:
Infrastructure utility comes with upgraded costs to maintain proper
 standards and quality control such as expenses from water treatment, air filtration, and high power demands.

c) Manpower cost: For proper care and maintenance of instruments, specialized technicians are required. Sterikaam provides a complete team for
efficient reprocessing and sterilization.

d) Miscellaneous costs: Hidden ongoing
management cost.

Sterikaam hospital in city


Our Outsource Process

Sterikaam’s Outsource Process Ensures CONFIDENTIALITY and MINIMUM DISRUPTIONS to Hospital’s Workflow:

Sterikaam outsource process


Sterile instruments that are ready for distribution are stored at the Sterikaam sterile storage zone.


Sterile sets are then transferred to clean trolleys. These are then transported in a vehicle that has
been cleaned and temperature and humidity regulated (clean compartment).


Trolleys are delivered on time to the hospital’s receiving location.


Instruments and medical devices are then stored at the hospital's sterile store.


As per the hospital’s utility sets are then used at various departments of the hospital.


Instruments are pre rinsed after the time of use by the hospital to remove any blood debris.


Used Instrument sets are then kept in a separate designated trolley to be picked up by Sterikaam.


These are then positioned in an unsterile compartment of the transport truck.


After that, trolleys are returned to the Sterikaam CSSD unit.


Sets undergo sterile processing with best-in-class standards and are stored back at Sterikaam
sterile zone.

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